Charity Gurtler

Background: Charity and Charlie have been married five years and have two boys, ages three and two. After a visit, they fell in love with Arizona and moved to Gilbert where they enjoy spending time outdoors as often as possible! Together they ride bikes, hike, and just enjoy being outside as a family.  Charity grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. She majored in psychology and minored in Italian at University of Minnesota. During this time, she also backpacked through Europe and studied in Italy! A technologically savvy family from the start, Charity met her husband Charlie on eHarmony, and now they work together at Charlie’s web-marketing business. Charity is passionate about kids being able to learn and develop at a pace that is healthy for them as well as building and preserving the bonds between a mom and her kids.

Name: Charity Gurtler

Age: 32

Occupation: Stay at home mom / office assistant for web-marketing business  

Children: Two boys ages 3 ½ and 2

Hobbies: Hiking, riding bikes as a family, camping, and volunteering at church!

Currently Reading: Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens as a part of book club. 🙂  

Fascinated By: Sunsets and sunrises!

Favorite Foods: Steak and cheesecake

Born: Madison, WI

Raised: Madison, WI

Education: Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in Italian from University of Minnesota.  

Pet Peeve: Mosquitoes and flies!

Dream: Hike Havasupai Falls and the Grand Canyon

Current Favorite Quote or Song? “We can only truly live in the present.” ~ Anonymous