Megan Rohde

Megan is a stay at home mom in the Midwest with seven years of experience. Prior to becoming a mom, Megan completed a B.S. degree in Dietetics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She went on to become a Registered Dietitian working in the Health and Fitness Industry and later in a hospital as a Clinical Dietitian. During college she married her husband, Nathan, and they began their family five years later. Since becoming a mom, Megan has been given the opportunity to stay at home and raise her now four children. When she makes free time, she loves to go on dates with her husband to their favorite local restaurant. When they can’t get out they spend their “after kids bedtime” hours watching British murder mysteries.

Name: Megan Rohde

Age: 32

Occupation: Stay at home mom/Registered Dietitian

Children: Four ,Two girls ages 6 and newborn.Two boys ages 4 and 2.

Hobbies: Hmmm…if you consider what I do in my free time a hobby, then cleaning and doing laundry pretty much sum it up!

Currently Reading: Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Fascinated By: British things.

Favorite Food: Don’t have many unfavorites! Lately its Fage Greek Yogurt, two a day sometimes!

Born: Madison, WI

Raised: With my younger brother in a Christian home by my mom & dad.

Education: BS. in Dietetics from UW-Madison

Pet Peeve: When any door in my house opens to the outside, it seems an immediate invitation for all capable escapees to dart for it and leave me feeling like I’m herding stray puppies…several times a day!

Dream: I always wanted to be a stay at home mom so I guess I’m “living the dream” right now…except for the days that seem more like nightmares!

Current Favorite Quote: “God loves us and He will never stop loving us!” said by my 4 year old son.