Nakeisha Thrash

Nakeisha profile photo - picture of family smiling

Nakeisha Thrash has been married to Lance for almost eight years. Together they have five children. Two of her children are in heaven, and the other three keep her busy! They have two dogs and live in Mesa, AZ. Nakeisha is a loyal Green Bay Packer’s fan but also keeps baseball close to her heart. She a lover of modern dance, ballet, and performing with her church as a ministry. Nakeisha also enjoys working with kids with disabilities as well as homeless and underprivileged children

Nakeisha profile photo - picture of family smiling

Name: Nakeisha Thrash

Occupation: Caregiver, Children’s Director at her church, and Homeschool Mom

Children: 3 boys: 6 years, 3 years, and 2 months

Hobbies: Gardening, dancing, and making cakes

Currently Reading:  Surprised by Joy by C. S. Lewis

Fascinated By: Dancing and ministry

Favorite food: Breakfast food!

Born:  Savannah, GA

Raised: Nakeisha’s parents were both in the military.  She has lived in Belgium, France and Germany.  At age 4 the family moved to the Phoenix area and she has lived most of her life in Tempe, Arizona.

Education: Nakeisha loves to learn.  She has taken college classes at Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona, where she studied Dance Education and Dance Therapy.

Pet Peeve:  Disrespect

Dream: Dance as a ministry to children with disabilities.

Current Favorite Quote:   “Whether or not our children bicker all day, whether or not we get through the lesson plans, whether or not we barely hang on while every-thing falls apart around us-none of it matters except that we offer it up to God. And then all of it matters, but in a whole new light” Sarah Mackenzie