Emily Naaktgeboren

Background: Emily is the mother of four amazing children ages 5 to 4 months. She and her husband Michael are coming up on their eighth wedding anniversary and live in Mesa, AZ. Emily was born and raised in Lexington, KY, and she and her family moved to Arizona four years ago. In addition to being a stay-at-home mom, Emily also works as a consultant for Norwex Cleaning Supplies balancing the daily responsibilities of motherhood and business. Emily is very passionate about helping moms be successful with nursing, and dreams of becoming a lactation consultant in the future. She has personal experience with a variety or nursing challenges and loves to encourage other moms and help them find the resources they need to be successful. What is Emily’s advice for raising four kids under four?  Stay Gospel-centered, and be consistent with your top priorities.

Name: Emily Naaktgeboren

Age: 29

Occupation: Stay at home mom/ Consultant for Norwex

Children: Four, ages 5 to 4 months

Hobbies: I am a big crafter! I enjoy throwing a party using ideas from Pinterest. Other interests are reading, serving others, basketball, and walking around Target!

Currently Reading: None Like Him by Jim Wilkens, Parenting by Paul Tripp, Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson

Fascinated By: Indian Food

Favorite Foods: Coffee and Indian Food!

Born: Lexington, KY

Raised: Lexington, KY

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in International Missions with an emphasis in Church Planting from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Boyce College

Pet Peeve: I know it sounds funny but …the sound of chewing apples!

Dream: Visit Ireland or Scotland (somewhere really green)

Current Favorite Song: “Christ the sure of our salvation ever faithful ever true. I will hold fast to the anchor it shall never be removed!” – Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor