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You can download the eBook in two formats: .mobi and .epub. Which one should you choose? You can download both but you’ll need to choose how you’ll read it.

The .mobi format is for the Kindle. This format also works on the Kindle app. So, if you have an iPad or iPhone simply download the Kindle app and then open the file in that app. For optimal use we recommend you download the mobi file format and use the Kindle app.

The .epub format can be used across many devices. The format can be read by the Kobo eReader, BlackBerry devices, Apple’s iBooks app running on Macintosh computers and iOS devices, Google Books app running on Android and iOS devices, Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle Fire,[1] Sony Reader, BeBook, Bookeen Cybook Gen3 (with firmware v2 and up), COOL-ER, Adobe Digital Editions, Lexcycle Stanza, BookGlutton, AZARDI, FBReader, Aldiko, CoolReader, Mantano Reader, Moon+ Reader, the Mozilla Firefox add-on EPUBReader, Okular and other reading apps.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at aimee@mommymedicine.com.