Holly Harding

Holly grew up in a vineyard town outside Vienna, Austria, which introduced her to various cultures and ways of life early on. She became a vegetarian in her teens and has now been vegan for five years. Social work was the beginning of her passion of working with people with developmental disabilities who needed resources in all areas of life. Playing in the kitchen while raising two sons has developed a lifelong passion for nutrition education and using foods that are seasonally available while grown close by. Acquiring new parenting skills has recently become a high priority with a high schooler in the house.

Name: Holly Harding

Age: 42

Occupation: BSN Nursing student, home maker

Age of Children: 14, 9

Family: Husband, 2 boys, & the center of it all, the 5-yr old lab

Hobbies: Hiking, running, cycling, traveling, trying new breweries

Currently Reading: Nothing non-nursing school related -boring, I know!

Fascinated By: The pairing of foods groups and how they ignite people

Favorite Food: Cocoa, cocoa nibs, dark chocolate

Born: Dallas, TX- yet never lived there

Raised: Vienna, Austria

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Therapeutic Recreation and currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree

Pet Peeve: People talking over others during a conversation

Dream: To make a difference in people’s lives through food and health education

Current Favorite Quote: “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”- Katharine Hepburn