Melissa Dorcas

I am a child of God created to love God’s kids. I am wife, sister, auntie, friend and a mom to two handsome little guys who keep me on my toes. I love learning and exploring the world around me with my family. I teach, sing, sign, and create. Our life is precious and I strive to enjoy and experience every moment I get.

Name: Melissa Dorcas

Home: Mesa, AZ

Birth Year: September 1964 age 52

Occupation: wife, mother and cook for the house

Children birth year: 3 grown children: two daughters 30 & 28 years old, and a 20 year old son
1987, 1989, 1997

Family: 5 children: 3 older brothers, 1 younger sister

Hobbies: Loves to cook and travel the world. Melissa collects tea cups has tea with friends once monthly.

Currently Reading: Grace Revolution by Joseph Prince, The Prayer of Protection Psalm 91, The Wilderness and “always a cook book”

Fascinated By: cooking, local cuisines and watching people cook, fascinated by spices and local ingredients

Favorite Food: Asian food, East Indian food, Thai Food

Born: Brazil, parents were Christian missionaries

Raised: Indonesia, Portugal

Education: High School

Pet Peeve: Cell phones at a dinner table! People so consumed with their cell phones, they no longer will even look into people’s faces. Most people hide behind their cell phones so they don’t have to engage with others, tragic!

Dream: To travel the world and watch people cook, in villages and the home, learning about local food and ingredients. To make friends and love on people while learning about the things I am passionate about. I love the history of spices and cooking!

Current Favorite Quote: “The BEST things in life are NOT things at all. They are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way.”

Websites: Melissa’s Cultural Cooking Classes