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So, I definitely have some OCD tendencies. And this in addition to being very, very Type A. Mix these two ingredients with being a new mom & well… let’s just say with every single new mom question I faced, I grit my teeth, dug in my heels a little farther and searched fervently for the answer. Looking back now, I see I was a bit animal in my behavior and certainly fear-driven. But, as new moms we simply have so many questions and we are hunting for oodles of answers. Why is my baby crying? Why is he not sleeping? What is that red thing on her forehead? Oh God, is she coughing or dying?

Initially, I refused to give my firstborn any vaccines, as I had heard so many theories flying about. Her first 6 months I read countless books and websites…trying to make sense of everything. Do I vaccinate? If so, at what pace do I vaccinate my child? Do I give my child all of the vaccines or do I pick and choose? In the end, because of our frequent travel to Third World countries, we chose to do most of the vaccines but at a significantly slower than average pace. Being able to type my question into Google and find answers was amazing!

Mommy Answers

If you are a mom like me who is foraging the internet forest for answers, we at Mommy Medicine want to be that amazing resource for you. We are just getting started right now, but eventually we would like to cover every Mommy question from A-Z for you. Need to learn about breastfeeding? Weaning your child? Potty-training? Homeschooling? We will have it!

In the meantime, please message us your questions. Anything at all goes! Maybe you need help surviving the Terrible Two’s. Or perhaps you have a little one who often gets tummy aches or fevers with no answer from the doctors? When you send us a question, we will pull out all our Mommy Ammo and you will be the recipient of a TON of tried and true Mommy Answers, Tricks and Tips. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Aimée Elliott Ghimire

Aimée Elliott Ghimire

Aimee is a mom to four little girls and also an author, businesswoman, ministry leader and an avid world traveler. As a busy mom she doesn't have time to seek out long answers to short questions - that is why she created Mommy Medicine. This is a place where authors share short and succinct answers to complicated mommy questions.
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