How Do I Handle My Emotions as a Mom?
Today was the first day of Kindergarten. I cried when I saw that my little kindergartner was the first up in our family and had her uniform on before the crack of dawn — her jumper twisted over her shoulder, with one blouse collar up and one collar down. One was sock pulled high, and one sock barely on. I cried when her teacher simply greeted me in the morning. I cried when my baby got in line to go to class, with her big brave eyes and a wave goodbye. She was fine. I was a wet mess.

I did feel better when my friend, Jessica, admitted that she shed a tear when her baby ate her first bit of solid food this week. Sigh. This is what we do. As moms, we cry. We deeply sense every transition, and we feel it somewhere deep in our heart, our spirit. This is how we are made. In fact, this lovely, awful pang is what makes us so able to connect with our kids, with our friends, with our own moms. And, however emotional it is…however heart-wrenching and beautiful it is to navigate… motherhood, in the end, is so very good.

There is the saying goodbye to nursing, goodbye to the crib, goodbye to sweet, chubby baby cheeks. Then, there comes the time when she no longer says, “Hold me, Mama.” — when she stops using her baby words. How I wish I could capture each moment in a jar and just enjoy it a little bit longer!

Alas, as most of my kiddos are entering the middle years and my baby enters Kindergarten…I am finally beginning to embrace a new season and enjoy this roller-coaster ride. It really is fun. So scary, so emotional…but yes, lots of fun. Because as each season ends, we get to experience an adventurous, all-new, never-before-lived episode.

So, here are some thoughts on how to navigate the myriad mama transitions in life:

1. Let Yourself Cry. Whether you are all by yourself or with someone, let it out. Motherhood has so many stressors. Crying is such a wonderful relief and is healthy!

2. Talk it Out. Have you ever thought you were the only one to ever have gone through something? Share some of the painful emotions you are facing, and you will realize just about every mom out there has a similar story. Lots of empathy here! There is nothing new under the sun.

3. Exercise. Did you know that 30 minutes of exercise daily can have the same effect on you physiologically as taking antidepressants? Yes! Getting your heart rate up for about 30 minutes kicks up those endorphins. It not only keeps you healthy, but also keeps you from unnecessary dips in your mood. God’s gift to us to keep sane, I say! And the benefits are even better than chocolate! Here is an article with some ideas on how to get a workout in as a mom.

4. Enjoy Nature. Time in nature has been proven to lower your heart rate and increase levels of peace. Another incredible gift!  If you are really feeling the pang of loss in an area of your life, use time outdoors as therapy.

5. Keep a Treasure Box.  My Baby Books have turned into Treasure Boxes. I have kept notes of funny words and silly moments. I’ve kept medals, first soccer pictures, first ballet slippers, first school uniform, first lost tooth. Now and then we dip into the treasure boxes and touch each memory together. My kids love this!

6. Cherish each Moment. If we, as moms, can just stay in the moment and enjoy each season for what it is, we can savor each precious slice of time with our little ones. Resist jumping forward or backward in time. Resist thinking that the grass is greener somewhere or sometime else. Simply embrace every single moment. This you will never regret.

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Aimée Elliott Ghimire

Aimée Elliott Ghimire

Aimee is a mom to four little girls and also an author, businesswoman, ministry leader and an avid world traveler. As a busy mom she doesn't have time to seek out long answers to short questions - that is why she created Mommy Medicine. This is a place where authors share short and succinct answers to complicated mommy questions.
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